Police shoot one person to death, three others sustain gunfire wounds, brewing tension at Ofoase

Police shoot one person to death, three others sustain gunfire wounds, brewing tension at Ofoase

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There has been heightened tension brewing at Ofoase in the Akyemansa District in the Eastern Region following an alleged report that the Police has purportedly shot one individual to death leaving three others with serious gunfire wounds.

According to the report the injured are on admission at Akyem Oda government Hospital.

The deceased 36-year-old Emmanuel Osae’s body has been deposited at the mortuary.

The report has it that the incident happened last Friday, April 30, 2021, at Brenase a suburb of Ofoase.

According to Kasapa News a teacher from Brenase rode on his motorbike to Ofoase community, at the same time, while the motorbike was stopped, another motor rider slammed into his motorbike which caused misunderstanding. The culprit purportedly attacked the Teacher only known as Zark.

In the midst of the fight, two young men from Brenase community showed up at the scene and held onto the culprits’ motorbike and rode to Brenase that except if he fixes the broken motorbike of the teacher, his motorbike won’t be delivered to him.

The motor rider then reported the incident to the local Police. The police immediately pursued the two young men and violently captured one. However, the Brenase youth opposed the arrest of the second individual which the Police withdrew and got back with support triggering the shooting incident.

An eyewitness narrated that “We were standing outside when we saw that the armed police in the vehicle passed to kotokuom area, and suddenly the police stopped and attempted to arrest a specific person, yet the individual got away. So, his sibling wanted to inquire from the Police why they have stormed the community to arrest his brother. Out of nowhere, a police official call Safo discharged admonition shot which upset an individual to insult the Police for giving a warning shot when no one has undermined them. Other person from a farm holding a cutlass incidentally showed up at the scene. The Police aimed at him and shot him and at the same time shot someone else who was passing.”

Meanwhile, Assembly Member for Brenase electing Area, Mathew Kwadwo Adagba disclosed to Kasapa News, indicating tension was high in the community, however, he was attempting to calm tempers.

However, He recounted the Akyem Oda Divisional Command which is dealing with the incident is defending the action of the Police officers worsening the volatile situation.

Meanwhile, according to Kasapa News the youth were preparing to attack the Police officials involved in the shooting episode at Ofoase Police station.

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