Editor blasts Police over serial killings ,demands end to impunity

Editor blasts Police over serial killings ,demands end to impunity

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The Managing Editor for Finder Newspaper, Mr Elvis Darko has expressed a profound worry about the heightening levels where the state and the police have consistently failed to arrest and prosecute killers of slain persons in the country.

As per him Ghana would keep on being risky for living as long as culprits of these homicides are having a field day , with no genuine and steady commitment by police Criminal Investigation Department, CID to arrest and prosecute these killers .

” It’s not only Ahmed Suale ,yet now in Ghana here no one is protected, a politician  can be killed, a government official can be slaughtered, a minister can be killed and a journalist can be killed whiles the killers are not followed and captured by the police

“In the event that prominent individuals like chiefs, lawmakers and politicians are killed and their executioners can’t be followed and captured, then how much more of those of us who are ordinary Ghanaians.

Mr Elvis Darko offered this comment when he was contributing to a discussion of threat on journalists in the country on TV3 New Day Show in Accra.

He repeated that he has not seen a solitary clear to recommend that the Police CID have followed a report with respect to individuals who gave a threat on the life of journalists in the country and hence captured and send the suspects to court for conceivable arraignment.

” The police CID have not indicated any obligation to capture and arraign these individuals who have consistently issuing threat to journalists .

They might have effortlessly completed their investigation with these sophistcated equipment they have available to them. Indeed, even they could assemble some data about these suspects with the Telecommunication companies to guarantee they are captured”

” If the individuals who were threatened were politicians the police quickly might have fished out those involved ”

Mr Darko noted that in this time the government was no longer oppressing journalists as an entity , however people who have affiliations with political party in government could undermine journalists’ life for composing a negative report or scrutinize the public authority.

“People can threaten a journalists for condemning a religious leader , head pastor or imam, politicians , lawmaker and business raccoon.”

He anyway requested that the government go beyond issuing a statement to condemn a threat on journalists and ensure individuals who issue a danger on journalists are captured and arraigned before a court .
Reacting to the report that Mr Kwadwo Oppong Nkrumah, Minister of Information had given a statement to condemn a threat on Manasseh Azuri Awuni, an independent journalist , he focused on that it was not enough for Mr Kwadwo Oppong Nkrumah to condemn the danger on the journalist , insisting the police CID ought to guarantee that the suspects are captured and arraigned before a court.


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