Ghana Should Scrap Vice President Position– Mpiani

Ghana Should Scrap Vice President Position– Mpiani

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Mr Kwadwo Okyere Mpiani, the former Chief of Staff under John Agyekum Kuffuor, has expressed that Ghana doesn’t need a Vice President.

He preferred a Prime Minister who will be chosen by the President and will be responsible for government tasks.

“I generally feel frustrated about the president since you’re cut off from the remainder of the world. Security will encompass you; it will be hard for individuals to remember you as they did beforehand, and it will be hard for you to take off from the house.

“Regardless of whether you will go out security should overview where you need to go and subsequently, it becomes something like a lonely kind of work. Along these lines, you should get individuals you trust who can come and advise you all things considered.

“In the event that you don’t get that, you will have individuals who will come and reveal to you all is well and that individuals are glad, when you realize they are disturbed.

“Luckily for President Kuffuor, he, when all is said and done, his phone was consistently on him, he was utilizing a similar number so individuals could call him. He knew a greater amount of what was going on and some of them he was unable to intercede and he needed to do it through someone and this will be crafted by the Chief of Staff,” he disclosed to Citi TV.

Asked whether the Chief of staff is the person who maintains the public authority business, he said “All things considered, I will not say maintain the matter of government however he is the person who upholds the president to run the public authority.”

Asked again what the contrast between his job as the Chief of Staff and the Vice President was, he replied “The VP’s job is expressed obviously in the constitution. Practically speaking you need to follow that yet the president might add different obligations.”

Was Kwadwo Mpiani not more impressive than Aliu Mahama? He was asked yet he replied “Kwadwo Mpiani couldn’t be more impressive than Aliu Mahama. Then again, actually truly, and event that you examine the constitution, what is the capacity of a VP?

“Acting in the stead of the president along these lines, possibly, your expectation is for the president to bite the dust for you to assume control over then you have genuine force else you don’t actually have power.

“Any force you have relies upon what the president needs you to do however sadly for our VPs, a portion of the forces given to them in the constitution, Jerry Rawlings removed them like being the Chairman of the Police Council or being the Chairman of Defense Council due to his issues with the late Kow Nkensen Arkaah who was the Vice President, he requested parliament to remove all from it?

Asked again whether there shouldn’t be a Vice president then, at that point, he said “Indeed, actually I figure we may not require it. It isn’t futile however what is the genuine force of a VP ?”

“In America they have genuine forces for him. Possibly we might have some Prime Minister position.”

So you will rather there is a president and Prime Minister? he replied “Yes. The president designates you the leader to head his administration.”

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