7 Government Agencies Migrated Onto Ghana Card

7 Government Agencies Migrated Onto Ghana Card

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Seven government agencies have so far been migrated onto the Ghana card, Chief Executive and Founder of Margins Group – the carrying out organization for the Ghana card project, Moses Baiden, has revealed.

This implies these agencies will acknowledge just Ghana Card for transaction.

It is expected that 17 agencies will be migrated onto the Ghana Card and will follow the approach of executing government business with just people that have the Ghana Card, before the year is over.

Mr. Baiden revealed to Joy Business the telecom firms will likewise be migrated onto the card before the year’s end.

The move, he added , will save the country $1.5 billion of cost if all government agencies are migrated onto the Ghana card.

“Essentially, the actual Organizations need to go through progress. Today, five Organizations are changing. SSNIT is practically done, National Health Insurance Authority is practically done – they have every one of the information, the banks are ready – they have been on board Right now, the telecom firms will check their numbers so we realize that there are no extortion issues. The Controller and Accountant General Department is ready, the Passport Office is ready”, he clarified.

“We have this load of foundations right now being on boarded however under the NIA laws as amended  (LI 2111), there are 17 compulsory organizations which are all administration establishments, which need to give you administration. In any case, they need to recognize you; they can do that flawlessly”, he called attention to.

“Today we have a confirmation stage worked with the NIA that regardless of whether you don’t have your card, we can check you in no time”, he added.

As far as he might be concerned, the NIA has the will, the diligence and capacity to succeed, adding, the two players – the NIA and his outfit have been effective.

“We have the maintainability due to the income model, we have the manageability in view of individuals included. Constructions have been fruitful, so you could see we’ve crossed the tipping point, from 900,000 cards somewhere in the range of 2007 and 2016”, he pushed

Up until now, 15.2 million Ghanaians have endorsed onto the Ghana card. 160,000 outsiders have additionally been enrolled.

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